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  • Spring Break in the limit of Europe
    Location: Tenerife Type: AEGEE MEETING Date: from 18.03.2016 to 23.03.2016 Your opportunity to visit the paradise and to learn how to keep it.
  • Skiweek 2016
    Location: Prague + Rokytnice nad Jizerou Type: TRAINING COURSE Date: from 27.02.2016 to 05.03.2016 Skiweek is a sport training course for skiing and snowboarding.
  • Mascletà your mind: Open your eyes and feel the Gaiata spirit!
    Location: Castelló de la Plana Type: AEGEE MEETING Date: from 26.02.2016 to 02.03.2016 Want to finish your February with a bang? Well, we’ve got exactly what you need! Come and join us, and make sure you are going to be deLIGHTed with our spirit! Lots of surprises and amazing activities are waiting for you!!
  • Pre-event EPM Leiden: Food for thought in Utrecht
    Location: Utrecht Type: AEGEE MEETING Date: from 22.02.2016 to 25.02.2016 Learn more about sustainability during our pre-event in the heart of the Netherlands where you get the chance to taste some delicious locally brewed beer from Utrecht, participate in green workshops and lectures and have some delicious food for thought!
  • Pre-Event EPM: A Trip to Leiden
    Location: Heidelberg, Germany Type: AEGEE MEETING Date: from 21.02.2016 to 25.02.2016 A trip from Heidelberg to Leiden stopping in Cologne, Bonn, Aachen and Delft! Visit the famous cathedral in Cologne, learn about the German history in Bonn, visit the bears in Aachen, join a city tour in Delft, and much more!

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  1. Esmalt tuleb AEGEE Tallinna liikmeks saada, selleks täida liikmeankeet ja tasu aastane liikmemaks 15€ ja varsti saad AEGEE Tallinnalt kirja.
  2. Üldiselt on käib üritustele kandideerimine läbi intraneti keskkonna, seega tee endale konto ka intranetti.
  3. Kandideerides tuleb kirjutada väike motivatsioonikiri, põhjenda miks sa tahad sellest üritusest osa saada, tee nalja, kiida, jutusta mõni lugu või ole muud moodi originaalne. Üldiselt osutuvad kõik meie liikmed valituks – väikse riigi privileegid : )

          Küsimuste korral, kirjuta meile: board@aegee-tallinn.ee

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