Summer Universities


Want to go an an adventure this summer with other European students? In 2019 there will be close to 50 Summer Universities around Europe. Cool and untraditional Summer Universities are perfect to find new friends, travel and discover different places in Europe, practice language skills, meet new culures and natural features, do sport or just relaxida. Come and spend a few weeks of your summer in an exciting Summer University. Get familiar with different cultures with the help of local students. Apply until 2nd May noon.


What is a Summer University?

Summer University (SU) is one of the most popular projects of AEGEE, dating back to year 1988. Every year, from June to September, it offers around 50-70 different events and 200 AEGEE antennae all over Europe take part of it. Over 3,000 students from 40 countries from Portugal to Azerbaijan and from Finland to Malta are attracted by it.

Summer universities promote cultural exchange, mutual understanding, developing language skills (and its importance in self-development), and active citizenship. National borders are forgotten, biases overcome and feeling oneself European grown.

For many new member a Summer University serves as a gateway to the deeper AEGEE life. This is where many young people discover the charm of AEGEE and experience the frequently mentioned but verbally unexplainable AEGEE spirit.

The magic of summer universityies can somehow be explained by the fact that the participants are not ordinary tourists, but quickly become a group of friends. When going to a summer university, one can forget about boring tourism booklets and trips and be prepared for an unforgettable cultural experience with the help of the local AEGEEans. After two weeks of summer university, the participants will have made many new friends as well as gained authentic cultural experiences.

Still, this university does not mean loads of studying. Instead, acquiring of new knowledge happens by/through activities: it gives the opportunity to meet people from different countries and get to know about their culture and people.

Who can participate in a Summer University?

All youth aged 18-35 can participate in a Summer University. Although, generally an applicant must be in the list of an university, but there can be exceptions.


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