AEGEE-Tallinn brings together students and alumni from different Tallinn colleges and universities, but we also have members outside Tallinn. Currently we have about 40 members from the following institutions: Tallinn University of Technology (Taltech), Tallinn University (TU), University of Tartu (UT), Baltic Film and Media School (BFM), Estonian Business School (EBS), Mainor, etc.

..and some fields of studies: Applied Architecture, Psychology, Sociology, History, Philosophy, Recreation Management, Political Science, Environmental Management, Law, Economics, Management and Marketing, Telecommunications, Mathematics, Industrial and Civil Engineering, Geoecology, Andragogy, Andragogy and Environmental Engineering, Information and Document Management, Handicraft Technology and Design, International Business Administration, Romance Languages and Cultures, etc.


AEGEE-Tallinn members are mainly united by the idea and hobbies, such as traveling, discovering new countries and cultures, meeting people, wanting to be involved in something interesting, and motivation to change something.