Local events



  • organise student events
  • participate in international projects (for example World Cleanup Day, European Day of Languages)
  • take part in European wide training events (AEGEE European Schools etc)
  • educate our members in Estonia (LTC, NWM)
  • distribute information on local and international level
  • bring European students to Tallinn (by organising Summer Universities and other AEGEE events)
  • take our members to Europe (by participating in AEGEE Agorae, Summer Universities all over Europe)
  • introduce our culture and get to know other culutes (youth exchanges with other AEGEE antennas)
  • work on new projects and put them into action
  • meet multiple tmes a month and enjoy life 🙂

Local Training Course (LTC)

The Local Training Course is held 1-2 times a year and is recommended for all members. The purpose of the LTC is to introduce members to AEGEE opportunities, to develop members' skills to be active and participative in the organization.
Participation in LTC is free for everyone.

We organise events and meeting in Tallinn for our members. Local events are held in estonian or english depending on the participants nationality. In addition, we take part of international events and organise themourselves.

Upcoming events can be found HERE.

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