International events



Agora is 5-day General Assembly gathering representatives from all AEGEE antennas, all together between 600 to 1000 people. The Agora is held twice a year – in spring and in autumn. The Agora elects the new board of directors, called Comité Directeur, and all other AEGEE-Europe structures that will lead the association in the next term. In addition, internal organisation of AEGEE and different topics important to the network are discussed.  Alongside the main program, the city and culture will be introduced, and the evening will end with a social program.

European Planning Meeting


EPM is am European event that will take place around the beginning of the calendar year, bringing together the draft AEGEE Action Plan for the following year. In addition, workshops, discussions and roundtables will take place according to the EPM theme. In the evenings there is a cultural and social program.

Regional Training Course (RTC)


RTC focuses on developing members’ existing competencies and new skills through meaningful training and workshops. The focus is on learning new techniques from the various fields that are needed for self-development and can later be implemented in your antenna. The RTC includes a variety of trainings for new members as well as more experienced members.

Network Meeting (NWM)


Network Meeting is a 4-day event focusing on antennas belonging to the same area, consisting of discussions and training on various topics related to AEGEE. This event format is recommended for new members to get a general picture of AEGEE as it is a good way to learn from more experienced members. The NWM covers a variety of topics: project management, public relations, funding, public speaking, NGO management, and discussions on current topics.

Summer Universities (SU)


The Summer University (SU) is one of AEGEE’s most popular projects, offering nearly 70 two-week events all over Europe every summer. For many, the Summer University is the threshold for AEGEE life – it is there that many young people discover the magic of AEGEE and experience the much-mentioned but inexplicable AEGEE spirit.

New Year events (NYE)


New Year Event is an entertaining event that gives you the opportunity to host a New Year in a European city with an international audience and experience the New Year’s Eve tradition in the area. The event is accompanied by an exciting cultural program and other winter activities.

European Schools


European Schools focus on a specific topic, such as project management, public relations, finance and more. During these events, participants will have the opportunity to understand the activities of NGOs while developing their skills. A variety of training methods, including lectures, workshops and case studies, create the perfect environment for the rapid acquisition of knowledge by trainees.